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System Integration
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G&O scope of services for system integration

Configure the solution that is right for you. We will be happy to advise you!

G&O project methodology

What type of project management is right for you?

For customers who want to follow a strict functional specification/recommendation methodology, we are happy to support all phases. On the basis of the handed over specifications or a jointly developed list of requirements, G&O creates a specification. After the joint release with the customer, a joint evaluation of the expenses usually takes place. Agreed deadlines/milestones are usually part of the specifications. The work results are presented on these corresponding dates. The “Factory Acceptance Test” and the “Site Acceptance Test” take place based on the specifications.

G&O has customized a variant of agile development for itself in which the textbook roles of the “SCRUM” process are adapted to the corresponding project sizes. An essential part of this method is the constant self-assessment and control of the actual progress in very short periods of time. The respective customer is involved directly, periodically at short intervals, via his or her “stakeholder” role. Necessary adjustments to the “scope” are decided and implemented in an agile manner. The series of “sprints” used can mean that at the end of the project the overall system looks different and has different functions than defined at the beginning, but it is always tailor-made.

G&O favors an integrated, joint development of projects. Employees of the end customer are cordially invited to become part of the G&O development team. The earlier the end customer’s employees bring their input and their “company language” to the project, the higher the acceptance during the GoLive phase.

“Coming together is a beginning
staying together is progress
working together is a success.”

Henry Ford

G&O models of cooperation

Flexible, open, based on partnership

The scope of the project is already known before the offer is submitted and the “waterfall” principle is usually chosen.
G&O handles such projects on time and on budget.

The customer has a long term relationship to another SI who does not (yet) have some of the required project knowledge (such as MES).
In a jointly defined model of cooperation, we are happy to involve such companies in our projects.

At G&O we believe in long-term partnerships and sometimes business friendships develop from this.
Projects are jointly developed and continuously optimized for the benefit of the project goal and the end customer.
All aspects of a technical or deadline challenge are mastered in an open, solution-oriented dialogue. The composition of the team, consisting of customer employees and G&O colleagues, is not clearly recognizable as we
Working hand in hand on solutions.

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