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We know: For a successful project, not only the systems, but also the people must communicate ideally with each other.

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Industrial IT – Do we speak the same language?

Interview with Mark Siska, G&O Managing Director
Mark Siska
“A successful project is always preceded by a shared understanding.”

Mark Siska
G&O management

Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, MES – it keeps on showing that the ideas behind these terms are very different. Do you also experience this in your work, Mr. Siska?

Yes, definitely. Using the example of an MES (Manufacturer Execution Sys-
tem) it can be seen how important the role of a common language is
within a cooperation. While one customer puts the focus
on tracking raw materials throughout the production and on the
traceability of the products, an MES can
also cover the planning and management of orders (which work order is produced when and on which line?).

How do you deal with that at G&O?

A successful project is always preceded by a common understanding. We do not limit our services to specific industry branches such as automotive, food & beverage or chemicals. With our processes we rather ensure that the customer requirements are precisely recorded and covered. On this basis, together with the customer, we select the right tools and technologies for their solution.

How do you imagine the “ideal” entry into a joint project?

What is ideal? (laughs). At G&O, we want to sit at the table right from the start. For us, this is the best way to understand our project partners, to record requirements precisely and to develop the best possible solution for the future together.

Industrial IT connects worlds

When systems communicate properly on the same basis.

Industrial IT can not only consistently connect all areas of the company, but also all digital and physical
processes in production. Data can be recorded, processed and evaluated more easily.
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