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“I would like to share the fascination for computer technology and pass on the enthusiasm for successfully implemented projects. For me, training is a matter close to my heart.”

Oliver Osmers
G&O instructor

Apprenticeship IT specialist for application development (m/f/d)


In the interview:
Lukas Reipert, apprentice at G&O in his 3rd year of training
January 2022

For IT specialists for application development, it is part of the day-to-day business to record processes, implement them in plans for an automated process, then develop and use them. It is their job to design programs and give the instructions. These are not understood by humans, but by computers or machines. During my training at G&O Automation GmbH & Co. KG, I’m learning how to digitize areas in such a way that processes become more economical so that companies remain competitive.

One thing can be said for sure about the application developer’s profession: even if he never changes his job, he won’t be doing “the same thing” with it for 40 years. The technologies that are used, the technical equipment and last but not least the possibilities have developed massively in the past 10 years alone. You cannot and should not count on standing still. Opportunities to advance in a variety of ways are massive. The job regularly offers new challenges, customers usually know exactly what they want, but it is the job of the application developer to show the way to developing programs that work and meet the requirements. There is also a lot of personal responsibility involved. In addition, the application developer can be used very flexibly, his work is hardly tied to one location and is very independent.

Apart from the working position, the profession can actually be very varied. Of course, there are always longer phases of “silent” reflection and development in which concentrated (often logical for programs) thinking and a good imagination are required. However, these alternate with regular agreements and exchanges, both with colleagues and customers. Incidentally, the “team factor” is extremely important in our job. The programmer as a “lone fighter” in the quiet little room is a myth in my working environment. Projects usually involve a few companies, several departments and many people, so nothing works without agreements, meetings and communication.

A colleague and I received feedback from a customer that a system we had implemented just a short time before was not working. Of course, everything had been extensively tested in advance and had worked perfectly. So a new appointment was made at short notice and it was initially our task to make the customer’s employees aware that two machines could not be used for some time, which generally does not cause any joy. Nevertheless, while keeping a cool head, all user interactions had to be tested, program communication paths and network transmissions checked, a small but important task to isolate the problem. No matter where the problem lies in the end, such appointments are always challenging. You don’t know if you’ll find a solution within an hour or if you’ll spend the rest of the day on site and still drive back with no result. In general, however, the right contact persons in the company are worth their weight in gold and they can often provide important information!

I was received nicely in my training company, was introduced directly to some colleagues, was shown the premises and given some initial tips on working in the company. After completing these formalities, I started programming the first small things on the first day and was therefore able to quickly gain some experience with the development environment and the scripts.

Most of the time I hear the phrase “I couldn’t do that”. Today everyone is able to operate and work with a computer. For a more precise understanding of how the software that you use every day works, however, knowledge is required that you have to acquire consciously. Many application developers have already dealt with such things before their training (which is expressly not a requirement) or were very interested in taking a “look behind the scenes”. However, some people are more practical, want to hold work results in their hands or want to be physically active in their job, maybe work in the social field. The job is less suitable for these people. Anyone who is (technically) creative, likes to think logically, enjoys solving problems and also has a little patience should definitely take a look at the professional field.

If the above applies to someone, he or she should definitely take advantage of an internship to take a look at what an application developer does. Since programming is far from being an integral part of school lessons, your own talents may remain hidden. In addition to the skills already mentioned, the ability to work in a team is an important factor. Because, as already mentioned, the job is by no means a lonely one, rather working in a team is an important part, since applications are often developed by several people at the same time. Communication with each other is essential.

After the training, many doors are open to you, that’s for sure. The possibility of studying (e.g. computer science or business informatics) after vocational training is not only open to those with a high school diploma. Professional advancement training from the IHK is available in various specializations if the personal path is not intended to lead to a college or university. Last but not least, the areas of computer science or software development offer endless opportunities for personal further training in seminars or certificate courses. Thanks to the Internet and many very detailed sources of knowledge, this can also be done entirely on your own.


This interview was created in collaboration with Moin Future –
a campaign by the IHK that shows what training can do.

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Questions you may be asking – and our answers

Everyone spends the breaks as he/she wishes. At G&O, the trainees usually spend their breaks together.

Then we will take countermeasures as early as possible, in particular by transferring knowledge from other trainees, we call this knowledge transfer. This is also part of our daily work. We believe in teamwork and success through shared knowledge.

We often facilitate this on Fridays in the afternoon hours.

Yes, that’s what we want and enable at G&O. Direct customer contact is important to properly understand our customers and projects … and is an essential step towards independence.

There is ample time to settle in and learn the ropes at G&O. There is no fixed date for a first visit to a customer; this is usually during the second year of training.

Everyone makes mistakes. And mistakes are experiences from which one learns. We talk about it and then you can practice what you have just learned. We think, “Allow yourself to make the mistake and learn from it to do better next time.”

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