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Significant productivity gains and cost savings

MES for medium-sized businesses

Transforming data from production plants into information and context is one of the tasks of MES solutions. G&O has developed appropriate function modules for this context-based data preparation and other MES tasks (e.g. work order management, product genealogy, ERP coupling, web clients, …). These modules have been used by a well-known manufacturer of safety technology.

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Determine plant performance and interference centers

The initial question of the project dealt with the determination of the fault frequency of a production line.

At the beginning of the project, the focus was on recording the top 10 “number of malfunctions” and “duration”. In cooperation between the plant manufacturer (in this case a customer department) and G&O, care was taken to ensure that the existing fault data structure of the plant automation system was adopted.

After this point was settled, the question of plant performance in correlation to upcoming disturbances came up. Together with the customer, G&O then implemented the OEE analysis. Here, plant availability, plant performance and product quality are each multiplied by each other as a percentage. A corresponding dashboard displays the respective data in an intuitively comprehensible way.


Quality data and worker management of the rework

Each component produced by the customer has a machining and quality record. In addition to binary signals and individual measured values for quality characteristics, the G&O MES solution also records and stores measurement curves and displays them to the user. Using an identification feature (in this case 2DMC), the employee can analyze and repair so-called NOK parts.


Interactive shift calendar

An almost self-evident requirement of the system is the consideration of shift and break times. Break times and planned shutdowns are often not to be included in the calculation of plant availability. The assignment of the data to the respective, often also very flexible, layer model represents a basic condition for the evaluation of the data. G&O provides an appropriate configuration tool via the web front end.

Reporting 1
Reporting OEE

Standard reports vs. individual reports

Once data collection is established, the question of existing reporting arises relatively quickly.

This results in different approaches: Use of the reports available in the system at the time of delivery or the “tailor-made” adaptation of individual reports.

G&O takes a three-pronged approach here. Standard reports based on G&O’s experience as a long-standing system integrator are included in the delivery status. Furthermore, G&O offers the possibility to individualize reports of all aspects. And thirdly, the consistent use of defacto standards such as MS-SQL server and reporting services offers customers the possibility to create their own reports. G&O supports the customer in successfully navigating through the data model.

In this case, the customer uses customized reports and the possibility to write their own evaluations.


After just a few weeks of operation, new insights are gained that can be used to improve plant performance, availability and product quality. Significant productivity increases and cost savings can be derived. The significantly increased transparency of the plant data lead to qualitatively better discussions. The focus of improvement discussions is not on “who has the right numbers” but on working with the information gained and its context.


The customer has recognized that asset transparency leads to better decisions. Further modules are to be integrated into the system. As a functional extension, modular energy recording will be implemented in a next step. An evaluation of the energy consumed per shift or per component produced is to be achieved. A step for the customer to determine, evaluate, and optimize his so-called CO2 footprint. The G&O MES solution will be rolled out on additional production lines.


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