My school internship as an IT specialist for application development at G&O


I completed a 14-day internship as an IT specialist for application development at the company G&O Automatisierung in the period from November 15 to November 26, 2021. During this time, I was able to gain some experience and gained valuable insights into professional life.

For the entire two weeks, I had my own workplace with my own computer and everything that goes with it. On the first day I received an internship folder that contained an overview of the process for the next two weeks. The process was well planned and I noticed that I was warmly welcomed.

My task began with the introduction to Wonderware’s InTouch program. I quickly learned the basics and shortly after that I was able to program my first project: a fully automatically controlled intersection with traffic lights and cars as well as pedestrians crossing the street at the right time and reappearing in random order after they disappeared in the edge of the screen.

I enjoyed programming the different things, even if it didn’t work right from the start. I also liked the very independent work and my colleagues were always ready to help me with problems.

In the second week I designed and programmed my own project. The task was to represent an industrial process. For this I used the program Archestra, which is similar to InTouch. I found it particularly good that it was up to me what exactly I wanted to portray. I have shown the process of felling and transporting the logs. After some time, the felled tree grows back.

I really enjoyed the challenging task. All in all, I found it very helpful to spend two weeks in this company because I was able to orientate myself professionally.

I can only recommend an internship at G&O because the working atmosphere was good and the tasks specially developed for interns were appealing. Glad I went and would recommend it to anyone planning to go into IT.